RheaVita has founded the Continuous Lyo Academy to share our extensive lyophilization knowledge. Many of our courses focus on the fundamentals of freeze-drying for enthusiasts who are new to the field. For lyophilization experts, we have more in-depth specialist courses on various aspects of continuous freeze-drying.
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Feasibility studies

RheaVita’s continuous freeze-drying expertise and services include feasibility testing for established commercialized products as well as products which are still in development. This testing often combines formulation and process development to create an optimal product with long-term stability.

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Formulation development and optimization

At RheaVita, we have the in-house knowledge and experience to conduct and support the formulation development of all types of drug products. We apply a synergistic approach of simultaneous formulation development and optimization of relevant process parameters, while minimizing the consumption of material. In creating the optimal development strategy, we consider the impact on both relevant critical quality attributes and also on the process performance.

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Process development and optimization

An efficient lyophilization cycle is essential to save both time and resources, resulting in a significant reduction in operational expenses (OPEX).

To this end, RheaVita has developed first principle models to optimize the entire continuous freeze-drying process. These models use the most critical product and process parameters to calculate an optimized process with minimal material requirements. RheaVita has developed first principle models for each step of the lyophilization process.

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