Process development and optimization

An efficient lyophilization cycle is essential to save both time and resources, resulting in a significant reduction in operational expenses (OPEX).

To this end, RheaVita has developed first principle models to optimize the entire continuous freeze-drying process. These models use the most critical product and process parameters to calculate an optimized process with minimal material requirements. While RheaVita has developed first principle models for each step of the lyophilization process, the greatest focus is usually on primary drying because it is the most time-consuming.

You can test an online tutorial of RheaVita’s continuous primary drying model with a limited number of model input parameters. Examples of input parameters include vial dimensions, filling volume, collapse temperature (determined via freeze-drying microscopy), and chamber pressure. Based on your input, this model will compute the most efficient dynamic primary drying conditions, i.e. the IR heater energy input with respect to primary drying time, to achieve ice sublimation as quickly as possible without exceeding the critical product temperature.

For more information about RheaVita’s process development and optimization services, please contact our enthusiastic team of lyo process specialists.

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