The RheaVita Continuous Freeze-Drying Technology is compatible with all kinds of containers, like vials or dual chamber cartridges, as long as they are cylindrical shaped. All kinds of products can be processed using the RheaVita Technology: proteins, viruses, bacteria and other biopharmaceuticals have been tested extensively and provide desired quality.

During the many different feasibility studies with pharmaceutical companies using the RheaVita technology for their products, it was proven that the RheaVita continuous freeze-drying technology always provides product quality which is at least as good as obtained after batch freeze-drying. Herewith, it was demonstrated that vial-to-vial and batch-to-batch variability which is inherent to batch freeze-drying could be eliminated with the RheaVita technology, due to its continuous nature and implemented PAT strategy. Moreover, the RheaVita technology has demonstrated to be an enabler for several products:

  • Highly concentrated proteins can be freeze-dried in a very fast way and provide much shorter reconstitution times compared to batch freeze-drying
  • Dual Chamber Cartridge (DDCs) and pre-filled syringes can be continuously freeze-dried in a very fast, controlled and efficient way
  • Continuous spin freezing based upon cold gas allows much more flexible cooling and annealing (within 0.5 – 100°C/min range) compared to batch freeze-drying (limited to maximum 1°C/min). The flexible cooling settings from the RheaVita technology can be customized to the product requirements
  • The thin product layer is beneficial for the efficient freeze-drying of drug formulations with low collapse temperatures
  • More doses can be included in vials from multi-dose products and still be processed in a very fast way.

Prefilled syringes

prefilled syringes

Dual chamber cartridge

dual chamber cartridge


Multiple vials in a line from big to smalll