The RheaVita Continuous Freeze-Drying Technology is compatible with all kinds of containers, like vials or dual chamber cartridges, as long as they are cylindrical. All kinds of products can be processed using the RheaVita Technology: proteins, viruses, bacteria, mRNA LNPs, ATMPs and other biopharmaceuticals.

During the many different feasibility studies with pharmaceutical companies using the RheaVita technology for their products, it was demonstrated that the RheaVita continuous freeze-drying technology always provides product quality which is at least as good as the one obtained after batch freeze-drying.

Obviously, the vial-to-vial and batch-to-batch variability which is inherent to batch freeze-drying could be eliminated.

Prefilled syringes

prefilled syringes

Dual chamber cartridge

dual chamber cartridge


Multiple vials in a line from big to smalll