Single Vial Unit

The RheaVita Single Vial Continuous Freeze-Dryer is specifically developed for R&D purposes and allows fast process and formulation development with minimal API consumption.

Continuous freeze drying machine prototype

Multi Vial Unit

In this Continuous Multi Vial Unit (MVU), all process steps are integrated in a continuous production line producing at a rate of 400 vials/day. This fully operational unit demonstrates that continuous freeze-drying with integrated continuous freezing and drying steps and modules is possible. The MVU is currently used for demonstration, testing and the production of vials for stability studies related to feasibility studies with products (from clients), for which the process parameters have been optimized using the SVU Continuous Freeze-Drying System.


The GMP-compliant Continuous Freeze-Drying Production Line allowing aseptic processing and integration in the entire manufacturing chain of the sterile product will be available mid 2023.