Our technology

Our technology integrates all freeze-drying process steps in a continuous production line with the constant infeed of products and the concomitant outfeed of the dried product. Our manufacturing approach avoids scale-up issues, reduces cycle times, allows fast product development, reduces time-to-market, lowers production costs, makes use of smaller manufacturing installations, requires less clean room space, provides improved quality assurance (100% inspection with inherent potential for real-time-release) and leads to improved and uniform product quality and process uniformity.

RheaVita currently has single vial continuous freeze-drying systems available for use in a R&D setting. RheaVita is currently developing the first continuous freeze-drying system allowing GMP production. In addition, a non-GMP multi-vial system will be made available.

Find out how RheaVita Continuous Freeze-Drying Technology guarantees 100% product quality, improves your process and reduces your development and manufacturing costs

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