Chief Business Officer

What is RheaVita?

RheaVita is a young, vibrant, innovative and ambitious company commercializing continuous freeze-drying technology for biopharmaceutical products. In addition, RheaVita offers pharmaceutical product feasibility studies and provides customers with pharmaceutical product and process development support using its continuous freeze-drying equipment.

Today, almost 50% of FDA and EMA approved biopharmaceutical products are freeze-dried to enable stable product distribution and shelf life without the need for expensive cold chain. RheaVita has developed the world’s first end-to-end continuous freeze-drying solution to address biopharmaceutical product development, manufacturing and supply needs in order to efficiently reach patients. The patented RheaVita continuous freeze-drying technology is game-changing for the fast-growing biopharmaceutical sector. It allows pharmaceutical companies to achieve rapid product and process development, and highly flexible and efficient manufacturing cycles with 100% controlled product quality. The technology enables both centralized large volume and decentralized low-volume-high-value product manufacturing and so is also ideally suited for innovative biological therapies, such as gene therapy, RNA based therapies, antibodies, vaccines, and to produce precision medicines and drug products for rare diseases.

Our offer, besides a competitive salary and benefits

RheaVita is a rapidly evolving company that inherently has a dynamic and exciting environment with ample opportunities for personal growth in different areas. RheaVita strives to widely commercialize its game-changing pharmaceutical manufacturing technology for the fast-growing biopharmaceutical sector.  RheaVita is uniquely placed to disrupt the freeze-drying market and has the ambition to become leader in innovative freeze-drying.

You will have the opportunity to grow your network internationally and to further develop and evolve your operational and financial management talents and skills. In 2021, RheaVita has entered well-connected and brand-new facilities and office space in Belgium’s most beautiful city and life sciences Hub: Ghent.

Job description & main responsibilities

Key responsibilities:

  • Organizational management and people management:
    • Full responsibility for daily organizational management.
    • Contracting for customers.
    • Prioritizing organizational tasks, setting up plans with requirements, deliverables, and timelines; allocating the right resources.
    • HR.
    • Mapping resource needs on a mid-long term (1-3 y); pinpoint the required skills.
    • Following up payroll and personnel related tasks and bookkeeping procedures (BE, NL).
    • Setting up an optimal work organization company-wide and being a driving force for efficiency.
    • Proactively assisting the CEO and other team leads with workload, enabling them to be more available to their customers, teams and colleagues.
  • FInance:
    • Quarterly and annual financial reporting; cashflow planning.
    • Realization of financing (including bank financing and investor financing).
    • Price setting for RheaVita products and services.
    • Resource management.
    • Update financial & business plan.
    • Financial reporting versus business plan.
  • Strategy and business:
    • Input on the future direction of product offerings and addressing the market needs.
    • Aligning operational needs with client needs, in close collaboration with the CEO.
    • Work on the scalability of the company with the CEO and establish a strategy.
    • Be involved in partnership discussions.
    • Nurture long-term relationships with stakeholders.
    • Make short- and long-term plans regarding business strategy.
    • Monitor operational efficiency of the team.
    • Support business development, marketing & communication.

Skills required:

  • Soft skills:
    • Empathic person/personality, with good people skills; able to manage both people and processes.
    • Excellent communication skills and able to communicate with people from all levels.
    • Driven to achieve outstanding results.
    • Hands-on attitude.
    • Ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Technical skills:
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment know-how.
    • Knowledge bringing innovative manufacturing technology into the pharmaceutical industry and market.
    • Understanding requirements in the pharmaceutical business, such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), GAMP, etc., the roles and responsibilities of Quality Assurance and connection to regulatory authorities.
  • Business skills:
    • Customer oriented.
    • Market knowledge, or able to perform market research.
    • A keen eye for market opportunities.
    • Entrepreneurial spirit, ambition to realize RheaVita’s goals.
    • Known in the pharmaceutical industry and have some authority there.

The person RheaVita is looking for:

  • 7+ years’ experience in advanced pharmaceutical equipment/life sciences, preferably in a management role.
  • You have experience in taking companies a RheaVita to the next level and achieving a sound financial situation.
  • Fluency in English is a must, additional languages would be considered a plus.
  • You have demonstrated managerial skills to lead technology teams.
  • You are a proficient user of Word, Powerpoint, Visio, Excel.
  • You like to be challenged and challenge others on technical and organizational matters.
  • Prepared to travel.

Desired competences:

  • Entrepreneurship – seeing the right opportunities and taking advantage of those opportunities.
  • Leadership – the ability to take the lead in performing expected tasks.
  • (Self) organizational talent – plans don’t stay on the drawing board but are actually implemented.
  • Vision – always sees the end goal and does not deviate from the plan.
  • Anticipating – taking different possible situations into account when implementing plans, making emergency plans and contingency options.
  • Strategic thinking – does not see things as they are, rather as something to further improve.
  • Ambition – has a desire to grow with the growth of RheaVita.

Application and selection procedure

1. Please send your cv and motivation letter to or Make sure you mention in your motivation letter why you are interested in this job at this specific company.

2. RheaVita will make an assessment and will inform you of the next steps.

Extra information

  • Full-time
  • If you have any further questions, please e-mail or